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I believe that the value of a company resides in continuously growing even in the rapidly changing business environment, increasing the
customer value, and contributing tothe country and society. WRC has performed an important role in importing and selling advanced chemicals
and raw materials such as TiCl4, SiCl4, HfCl4 and ZrCl4. WRC has founded an IoT business division based on our core competency
and technical skills accumulated so far in order to create future customer values and become a trusted company across the world.

Now we would like to launch WRC IoT, which is a “top IT manufacturing and service company”,
to make another leap based on an eye for the market and competitiveness.

WRC IoT’s creative challenge for providing a more safe and comfortable life based on advanced technologies will give more
pleasure and greater happiness to all our customers. Please watch the happy future being created by WRC with more concern and love.

Thank you.

CEO, WRC Co., Ltd


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WRC IoT Product Introduction Bluetooth Headset-integrated Bicycle Helmet Fit-beat in Cool ‘BTIN’

Recently, the number of bike commuters in urban area has been increasing with bike's convenience, and public interest is high thanks to the increase in the number of people using bikes in Korea, for example, a list of 100 beautiful bike paths is selected for weekend riders.

Bike riding is being enjoyed in various forms of gathering from simple 1 person to group riding, and furthermore riders would like to make precious memories with people who come together against a background of beautiful scenery unfolded before their eyes. Accordingly, WRC IoT had designed a product that can give more impression to riders, and is planning to release 'BTIN' which is a headset helmet integrated with Bluetooth to focus on safe telephone conversation and listening to music while riding a bike.

'BTIN' adopts a design of balancing headset's weight and minimizing wind resistance, which improves stability of the riding and communication, and its waterproof function provides weatherproof and durability withstanding well any harsh communication environments. In addition, it can be removable in emergency to increase the ease of headset use.

'BTIN' is a product that focuses on voice calls as well as listening to music. The ‘multi-angle stereoscopic sound’ is applied so that you can talk on the phone and listen to music high quality without being disturbed by background noise and wind sound while riding. You can communicate accurately even in a heavy rainstorm or background noise during a call, and it has a convenient speech recognition function that can answer a call if you say “Hello” without pressing a separate switch when you receive the call.

‘BTIN' receives riders’ expectations with its reasonable price and original sophisticated design, and WRC IoT will try to build a basis for customer’s understanding with this product as a start and introduce various products for customers from their perspective.

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Protective Helemt ‘KR-02’

The communication equipment for riders requires weatherproof and durability that can withstand well even in a harsh communication environment such as noise, vibration and rainstorms. WRC IoT, KR02 is a Bluetooth headset for helmets which can maintain a long life even in such a harsh condition and provide the highest sound quality among existing devices.

It was introduced as the best quality product on a cost performance basis in the leading consumer magazine by applying the latest Bluetooth communication technology and equipping only with absolutely necessary functions to riders. This product also received a high rating (‘4.3/5.0’ score) from Japanese users by Japanese Yahoo, and after launching in Korea, it has led positive responses in the market such as the sellout in the Rider Mart due to its outstanding advantages compared to other companies’ high-priced products.

For the ‘KR02’ which is exclusively imported and sold by our company, its marketability has been verified at home and abroad market. It is now on sale in the Korean motorcycle shopping malls with great reviews, and a cooperative sales calls are in progress with quick delivery agencies.

WRC Anti-Lost Devices (For business card wallets, Belts, Watches)

WRC IoT has grown into an IT-specialized company having its own technical skills by applying for a patent of ‘The Separation notice system between electronic devices and its method’ (Application No.: 10-2016-0058018) self-developed through an exhaustive R&D, trial and error for three years.

The loss prevention products on the market sound an alarm if the distance between an electronic device and the connected main unit is more than 15 ~ 20m based on the connection (RSSI) radio field intensity. Because such a long distance leads to a delayed alarm, it is difficult to prevent theft and loss in reality.

However, our company’s ‘WRC Anti-Lost’ technology implements the anti-lost technology with our own algorithm by hybridizing RSSI and sensors and is designed to operate the alarm at a place 3~4m or 4~5 seconds away from the specified location.

It is expected to apply to not only the smartphone loss and theft prevention but also in many ways for industrial environments and life convenience services by integrating with enterprise and home IoT devices.

  • <Features of WRC Anti-Lost >

    Capable of free wireless settings from at least 3m
    Operate alarms within about 5 seconds after theft and loss
    Wireless neatness with Bluetooth radio waves and sensors

  • <Development & Application Areas of WRC Anti-Lost >

    Neckbands, business card wallets, watches, belt buckles etc.
    Anti-theft system for electronic devices

Wireless Anti-theft System Anti-Theft Devices

It is expected that a variety of virtual reality (VR) devices will become popular in the future. There is also an increasing need of wireless demonstrations for free experiences and exhibitions of those newly released electronic products, and it is urgent to prepare measures against the resulting theft, loss and damage. WRC IoT started developing the ‘Anti-Theft Devices’, which is an anti-theft system, by these needs of the market and the time.

The ‘Anti-Theft Devices’ can adjust the anti-theft distance from at least a radius of three meters by applying our company’s ‘WRC Anti-Lost’ technique and guarantee safe security within a radio range of 10 meters ahead as much as possible, and is equipped with powerful alarm sound and LED indicator lamps.

The ‘Anti-Theft Devices’ is being developed to also secure small wireless appliances such as tablets, smartphones with powerful performance in a slim and neat design for users’ convenience, and we will implement the anti-theft of IT exhibitions and electronics stores and the loss prevention of daily necessities with the ‘Anti-Theft Devices’ which is a next-generation security solution.

WRC IoT Product Introduction ‘Speaker-type Neckband’

Recently, a wide range of neckband products are on the Bluetooth headset market, but their performances and uses are so similar that it is difficult to find a distinctive products. WRC IoT started developing a new neckband with a new design and practicality for travelers and users who enjoy leisure sports in such a market condition.

For the existing Bluetooth headsets, an earphone is inserted into the ear to use when listening to music or making a call, so the ambient sound is blocked to affect user safety and to potentially raise inconveniences and a big problem of hearing caused by prolonged wearing earphones. For our company’s neckband, however, it helps you can listen to high sound quality music with high quality speakers and recognize your surroundings together in order to improve the existing problems, so it will become a safe guide on your journey.

It applies a flowing ergonomic design and soft materials being suitable for outdoor activities to improve users’ wearing sensation. It will be an innovative product to fundamentally prevent theft and loss of mobile phones in the overseas trip or the outdoors by applying our company's 'WRC Anti-Lost' technology.

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